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Welcome to MEify! The World’s #1 Free Personal Brand Theme for Shopify Learn More

MEify Theme (Free)

The #1 FREE Personal Brand Theme for Shopify. MEify is the first Shopify theme to help users both show off and monetize their personal brands.

 MEify is the perfect blend a social media profile and an e-commerce website. The first of its kind, this unique Shopify theme lets influencers, bloggers, artists, consultants, business coaches, and executives become independent e-commerce sellers. 


Anyone who has – or wants to create – a strong personal brand can have their very own online store without any coding, design, or Shopify skills required.

The Next Generation in Personal Branding

MEify gives everyone the power to accelerate their personal brand and consolidate their content, products, and services into one expertly designed digital marketplace. This proprietary Shopify theme lets users to take control of their online personal brand with tools to help sell, blog, influence and earn in a professional and direct format.

Personal Branding


This Shopify Theme is designed to help personal brands share their story online while generating new revenue opportunities through the power of Shopify’s e-commerce platform.

Personal Branding

Build Your Personal Brand

If your world, and your story, is simply too big for just one social media platform, you can now bring them all together into one beautiful online package.

Personal Branding

Powerful Influencer Tools

Whether you love the arts, music, fashion, business, fitness, or more… MEify is the ONLY free Shopify Theme that combines your creative passion and your personal brand and brings them all together under one digital roof.

Personal Branding

Featured Products

MEify gives you a powerful way to build and monetize your personal brand with integrated e-commerce tools that let you sell products or promote collaborations quickly and easily.

Look and feel product page


Whether you want to sell your own products, partner with a drop-shipping supplier such as Oberlo, or promote products through a brand collaboration, MEify provides the tools to do it all! An integrated shopping experience let’s you offer new and exciting products direct to your followers in a seamless and beautiful way.


Create rich and relevant content with integrated and easy-to-use blogging tools. For advanced bloggers, MEify is also compatible with expanded blogging apps on Shopify that let you develop a complex content marketing strategy to build sales and your personal brand.

Look and feel product page
Look and feel product page


Feature your key social media feeds together in one place. An integrated Instagram & YouTube feed keeps your site fresh with all of your recent posts & videos, while a Featured section lets you highlight some of your top posts on other networks such as Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and more!


Combine the power of your personal brand, the power of Shopify’s e-commerce capabilities, and the power to sell sponsored placements on your site (Pro Version Only) to drive the maximum amount of revenue.

Look and feel product page

Technical Features

MEify was built by the Shopify Development Experts at Marketplace Solutions, who have experience building e-commerce websites that drive millions in revenue each year. Now you can harness all of that power to support and monetize your personal brand.

Personal Branding

SEO Optimized

The MEify theme is structured to make the most of your personal brand and your content by putting SEO first in the design and development of the theme.

Personal Branding

Fast Load Speed

A super-light theme, MEify will not slow down your load time, letting your followers access your content and your products at lightening-fast speeds.

Personal Branding

Mobile Responsive

With more than 50% of web traffic taking place on a mobile device, responsive design is critical for success in today’s digital world.

Quick Start Assistance

Need help getting started? Our Quick Start Assistance services will help you navigate the setup process to get your MEify website started quickly and painlessly.

Learn More

Customization Services

Make your MEify theme uniquely yours by having our design experts infuse your style into the theme.

Learn More

Customer Reviews

See what some of the MEify Theme users are saying about this unique Shopify Theme for personal brands!

website image rating

MEify offers the most powerful tools that I have seen for enabling influencers, bloggers, and other personal brands to promote their content & directly engage and grow their following. This isn’t just another e-commerce website, this is ME online!

– Victoria Claire, Influencer

website image rating

I love the look of the MEify theme and all of the amazing features. I can't believe this theme is FREE (but please don't change that!!)

– Parker Kirouac, Musician

website image rating

I just downloaded the MEify theme and I am really excited about all of the ways this is going to help me build my personal brand online!

– Tori Puras, Influencer

Easy Integration With Shopify Apps

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Look and feel product page

No Coding, Website or Shopify Experience Needed

Shopify is fast becoming the leader in e-commerce websites because their platform is intuitive and easy to use. You don’t need to be a Shopify Expert to create a stunning website on MEify!

  • Easy to use interface
  • Add products in minutes
  • Simplified blog builder
  • Access to hundreds of apps

The First & Only Free Shopify Theme For Personal Brands

MEify takes your personal brand to the next level and provides you with access to some of the most powerful e-commerce tools on the market. Sell, Blog, Influence, & Earn with MEify!

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