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Frequently Asked Questions


Getting Started

Why is MEify Free?
Are premium features available on MEify?
How long is the Free Trial with Shopify?
How much is Shopify when the free trial is over?
How do I setup my MEify store?
What is the MEify App?
What store information does the MEify App have access to?
What is Personal Branding?

MEify Theme Customization

How do I add my logo to the MEify theme?
How do I change the colors and fonts on the MEify theme?
How do I remove the MEIfy logo from the theme footer?
Can I add external buy links to my products in Shopify?

MEify Support

What should I do if I am having a problem installing the MEify theme?
Will there be updates to the MEify theme?
Can I install other Shopify Apps to my MEify store?
Can I request specific functionality?

The World's #1 Free Personal Shopify Theme

Take control of your personal online presence and share it with the world.